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Professional Experience


Professional Experience

Below you will find a comprehensive collection of my professional experiences. Each position has been an important part of my career, and provided important tools to develop both personally and professionally. If you’re interested in references or learning more about my background, feel free to contact me directly.

Control Room

Security Consultant / Graphic Artist / Web and UX Designer / Training Coordinator

2015 - 2023

Web and UX Design
•   Building/Designing websites and landing pages.
•   Maintaining SEO score and optimization.
•   General management of website design. 

Graphic Artist/Marketer
•   Designed merchandise, backdrops, and promotional materials.
•   Created artwork for Website, Blog post, Knowledge Center, and Social Media.
•   Created and maintained weekly challenge artwork.
•   Created and authored web comic.
•   Designed new version of company mascot.
•   Created and updated many of the company branded logos.

Training Coordinator
•   Understanding of administrative features of AOM and BigMarker LMS.
•   Creation and review of marketing LMS content.
•   Familiarity with all courses offered.
•   Ticket management and trouble shooting.
•   Customer support point of contact.
•   Content creation.

Security Consultant: 

 •   Performed network testing & report writing.
•   Executed a variety of security assessment services.
•   Client communication.
•   Efficient with Nessus, OpenVAS, and BURP.
•   Responsible for daily review of traffic logs belonging to clients.
•   Utilized additional training provided by company to enhance personal skills in my field.
•   Educated peers on technical knowledge through self-written documentation.
•   Hardware management.


Senior Corrections Officer

2006 - 2015

•   Maintained the care and custody of others.
•   Maintained the safety and security of the institution.
•   Managed and maintained the Control Room for multiple institutions.
•   Processed legal documentation in the Booking Department.
•   Part of the JMS Team to train other staff on new technical systems.
•   Participated in continuous security training.

Star Wars

Star Wars Volunteer Charity Costuming Organizations

2013 - present

501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, Rebel Legion, and The Dark Empire
     These organizations are non-profit all-volunteer charity organizations that give back to their local and global communities through the shared passion of Star wars, costuming, and bringing smiles to people of all ages. I have held leadership positions within these clubs, including the management of my local area, as well as the statewide leader. This included responsibilities such as; communication with the local community for coordinating events,  communication across the multiple clubs to better facilitate event coordination,  timely information distribution, keeping an up-to-date roster of members, regular social media posting, book and record keeping.


Keiser University Seal

Keiser University 

Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary studies of Informational Technology and Criminal Justice


•   Summa Cum Laude

•   The Dean’s List


Professional Certifications

 •   Google UX Design

  •   Meta Front-End Developer

Specialization Certifications

 •   CalArts: Graphic Design
•   MICH: Basics of Web Development and Coding


 •   Inbound Certified

•   HubSpot CMS For Marketers

•   HubSpot Marketing Software

•   SEO Certified

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